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Interview with SBS Arabic about Lamassu Rack
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Interview with SBS Arabic about Lamassu Rack

Director and Owner of PHC & Lamassu Rack, Firas Alhashimy, a prominent Perth businessman of Iraqi origin, was recently featured on SBS Arabic Radio, where he shared the fascinating story behind his roof rack's business’s unique emblem—the winged bull Lamassu. This symbol, deeply rooted in his heritage and the history of his hometown Mosul, has become an iconic brand in Australia.

During the interview, Alhashimy discussed the origins and significance of the Lamassu. He explained that this symbol connects him to his family’s 70-year-old business legacy in Mosul and serves as a reminder of his cultural roots.

Alhashimy recounted his journey of finding a fitting symbol for his business. He aimed to choose a logo that represented durability, prestige, and his Iraqi heritage. 

Firas Alhashimy feature on SBS Arabic Radio showcases how embracing one's roots can create a powerful and unique brand identity, bridging cultures and fostering a deeper understanding of ancient history in contemporary society.

To listen to the full interview conducted in Arabic, see the link below:



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